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LIVE NOW: S1CWORLD x #MVFW23 in partnership with Decentraland & Spatial

S1CWORLD is a community of cross-discipline artists & builders founded by Miguel.

OUR VISION Is to inspire progressive creativity through lifestyle offerings, arts, and experiences that appeal to fire-starters. WE ARE BUILDING An ecosystem of tangible products, art and experiences, with, and, for, our community, that push the boundaries and disrupt business and consumer culture. MEMBERSHIP-BASED An S1C WORLD membership gives you preferred access to future S1CWORLD drops, S1C WORLD IRL & URL events & experiences, and the S1CWORLD community. WE DON'T LIKE WASTE We don't make things that merely continue to last or exist. we make things that continue to LIVE. This means we build our product physically AND digitally via the blockchain protocol. How? We use digital mediums (like NFTs) to validate demand & preference, producing only what we absolutely know will be used. Exclusivity out of necessity. Purposeful exclusivity. OUR EVENTS Happen IRL & URL, and are diverse in focus. We started with small kickbacks in Los Angeles, where our friends could hand and exchange ideas. We bring our community together often for events that feature our products, our friends, and other shit we like.



Your S1CWORLD Membership NFT is your ticket to all things S1CWORLD -  exclusive access to our artist grants, clothing drops, art drops & IRL/URL events...


S1C WORLD Members always get 25% off clothing prices, front-of-the-line, priority buying windows and exclusive access to all S1C clothing drops.


We are building a community for and by artists and their art. Be it physical art with a digital component or purely digital art, S1CWORLD Members get free airdrops/claims and priority access & pricing to all S1CWORLD art drops.


S1CWORLD Member events happen every month IRL and/or URL, and are diverse in focus. We bring our community together often for events & experiences that feature our products, our friends, and other shit we like. S1CWORLD Members get preferred and priority entry to all S1CWORLD events.

​READ MORE ABOUT S1CWORLD MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS Membership in the S1CWORLD community is granted through the purchase of a S1C WORLD NFT. Your blade acts as your membership card & access for all things in the S1CWORLD . S1CWORLD members have access to all digital & physical drops produced by S1C, and exposure to the S1CWORLD community, including Charter Members. S1CWORLD MEMBER BENEFITS & PERKS Priority access & special pricing for future S1CWORLD drops Digital & physical drops and experiences Miguel-produced art & fashion/clothing drops Individual and collaborative drops from S1CWORLD Charter Members ​Drops from S1CWORLD’s community of brands & partners ​Priority access to S1CWORLD IRL & URL events & experiences ​S1CWORLD community and private chat access ​S1CWORLD Member micro meetups & workshops ​25% S1CWORLD Member's discount on S1C Clothing & Accessories - PLUS  - access to exclusive S1C clothing drops and digital wearables, made available only to S1CWORLD members ​Ability to apply to the S1CWORLD Artist Grants program (allowing up-and-coming artists to access funding for their projects) ​Other special/surprise opportunities, conceived by S1CWORLD founder, Miguel & friends. ​** BONUS: your S1CWORLD NFT has a life of its own - watch it mutate and evolve the more you interact with S1CWORLD and the S1CWORLD community...



We distribute $10,000 artist grants, supporting up-and-coming creators & builders

  1. A theme is announced, along with directive.

  2. Member submissions are accepted.

  3. Winner(s) are decided by S1CWORLD community vote & get the ability to collaborate with Miguel, and other S1CWORLD Charter Members.

  4. Artist(s) work is included in an upcoming S1CWORLD drop

>> Applications for our initial S1C Artist Grants Program are now closed. Stay tuned for upcoming grant announcements.



We are visual artists. We are photographers. We are musicians. We are storytellers. We are NFT artists. We are producers. We are fashion designers.





S1CWORLD Charter Members are carefully selected, highly effective web2 & web3 creators & innovators, pushing the boundaries of their creative disciplines. S1CWORLD Charter Members are at the epicenter of the S1CWORLD community, participating in the S1C Creator Grants program, and by engaging with our creative community and, with YOU, their supporters.

Miguel : Trevor Jones : GMoney : Tobey McIntosh : Brilly : Julia Lang : Shane Gonzales : Guillermo Andrade : George Robertson : K.N.A. : Salehe Bembury : Robbie Trevino : Kid Eight : illMind : Julie Pacino : Jake Inez : Violet Jones : King of Midtown : Chevy Pop : Shira Lazar : Brycent: REO :

(Click on the images below to see more from S1CWORLD Charter Members...)



S1CWORLD is on a mission to disrupt consumer culture - and - we are not shy about telling the world about it.

See some of our recent press coverage is below:

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